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MGD for Agents

MGD for Agents

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I've been attempting to register as an agent for MGD for around 8 weeks now.  I know I need an agent's reference number and when trying to obtain one through my online services the system is constantly unavailable.  I eventually got through to the technical helpdesk who informed me I could report the error "if you want" and then wait for a fix.

I wrote to CAAT in Longbenton thinking I would have more success, but they wrote back saying they can only create and amend agent records for SA & CT and I should use the online services.

Tried online services again today and it's still unavailable some 8 weeks later.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I try next please?

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07th Jul 2016 16:08

Did you eventually manage to register?
I tried about 6 weeks ago and experienced the same problem but I did receive an email saying my submission has been processed successfully so assumed they would send me something.
Having since phoned to chase this up I'm told the agent code only ever appears on screen and they cannot send it out!!
Currently I'm waiting for a call back as eventually someone told me they are aware of an issue with this!!

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