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Micro accounts for a charitable company

Can they file Micro accounts?

A charitable company I have some connection with has just filed it's first set of accounts - taking micro entity exemptions.

Reading here -

Section 10.2 seems to indicate this is not allowed?

To give a little more detail:
Incorporated October 2015, first accounts to October 2016 just filed now.
Registered with the Charity commission from January 2016 as a charity.
Commenced formal charitable activities in late December 2016 (after first year end).

I'm struggling to see why they would be able to file micro entity accounts (Companies House - chocolate teapot when it comes checking these things) which they've done electronically.

Is it because they weren't 'active' until after the first year end perhaps? Or a genuine mistake by the accountants?


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18th Jul 2017 09:51

No - they can't do that. They must use FRS102.

The Charity Commission will be round for a "chat" if they notice.

Or if somebody dobs the charity in.

I doubt if CoHo are set up to pick out charities - it's not their job really.

What's been filed with the Charity Commission?

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to lionofludesch
18th Jul 2017 09:58

Nothing has been filed with the charity commission yet. I don't think the first accounts are yet due there.

I'll probably alert the trustees. They are friends (hence why I'm not doing the accounts but am keeping an eye on them).

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to thevaliant
18th Jul 2017 10:13

Well, hurry up. Their first accounts are due with the Charity Commissioners in six weeks' time.

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