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Microsoft Office Accounting

Microsoft Office Accounting

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Some members will be aware by now that I've been pretty exercised about Microsoft's decision to cease development of Office Accounting Plus and to pass responsibility for product support (up to 5 years from each edition's initial launch) to Mamut in the UK.

While Mamut is promising free upgrades to its products (but will charge an annual service fee), I'd like to find out how many AccountingWEB members are affected by the move, and what you are planning to do.

If you have adopted Microsoft OAP, or put clients on to it, will you:

  • continue to run it for the next year or two while you consider alternatives?
  • take up the Mamut option in the near future
  • look elsewhere for another accounting system - perhaps one of the new generation of online systems?

Good luck if you are caught in this situation.
John Stokdyk, Technology editor

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By carnmores
09th Nov 2009 16:53


we have absolutely no hesitation in changing over to Mamut immediately

i went on one of their introductory course about 5 years and was hugely impreessed by their software so much so that we didnt want to buy the software we wanted to buy the company!

i have noted some of your commenst ' such as papering over the cracks' that is infinitely preferable to the bloody great chasms in MSOA

maybe i should have had a bigger shout against them and held themm to account more - you know how i like doing that!

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By Anonymous
09th Nov 2009 21:47

Hi John,

I had the Professional edition and one of my clients has the express one. It was useful as our operations are simple for now (just started up). Cost was also an issue, as we got it for free.
Clients liked it when I offered it to them.

I am not sure about Mamut - they have a nice range but pricey. VT is being praised but the menus look very much windows 3.2.

Still pondering my options. In the meanwhile I will keep using it.

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By Sarah Offord
09th Nov 2009 23:17

Not impressed with Mamut

I'm afraid I am not impressed with the Mamut offering. It appears cumbersome and confusing, and as such is in complete contrast with the simplicity of MOA. I have actually gained many of my clients through offering consultancy for Microsoft Office Accounting and thus most of my clients are on MOA.

As you can imagine the news that MOA was being discontinued is completely devastating for me and will have a huge impact on my clients. I have assessed the business critical issues for the discontinuation of the system and have not recognised any short to medium term risks of continuing with MOA (a manual payroll system being required in many cases). I hesitate to recommend that any of my clients take up Mamut until I have had the chance to test the software offering thoroughly. I believe that all of my clients will be waiting for my steer on which software to adopt going forward and I have as yet to find a good piece of software that is reasonably priced. I'm not a great fan of Sage and I despise Quickbooks. The online solutions appear extremely expensive for accountants and I am therefore quite hesitant to move from my current free solution.

The main issue I am faced with is that many of my clients will choose different software. How do other accountants deal with taking on new clients, for example when they use Sage but the client is using Quickbooks and wish to continue to do so?

In summary, I intend to continue running the system for a period of approx 6 months while I review all of the available options. I have recommended that my clients do likewise and they have agreed. I will probably spend the next month feeling rather depressed about the whole thing and then begin in earnest to seek a new solution. Damn you Microsoft.

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By petersaxton
10th Nov 2009 11:16

Know several packages

 I know how to use several different accounting packages: Sage, QuickBooks, MS Office Accounting, MYOB, Access Accounting, TAS Books

That covers most of what people use. I wouldn't try to teach somebody another package but usually it's just a question of getting a trial balance and some analysis.


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By Anonymous
11th Nov 2009 14:06

Using MSOA

I've put clients on MSOA, they've just settled down to using it and are really happy with it, so I'm very reluctant to move them to anything else just yet.  Will probably see how it goes for a year or two. 

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By elansea
11th Nov 2009 14:39

Microsoft Office Accounting

I sign up to MPAN back in April 07 and tried to integrate the accounts package into my practice, but frankly I found it worse than Sage. Unforgiving, clumsy and not of this modern age.

After 8 months of trying to work with it, I reverted to VT as my main in house and recommended package and regret straying in the first place.

Mamut's offer of "free" support is a con. As soon as you try to sign up, they want you to pay them. How free is that?




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