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Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2009

Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2009

I have a client who uses MOAE. It is not my preferred software but the client likes it for what he does, mainly producing the sales invoices. I find it very clumsy to use but the biggest problem I have is the VAT Return.

The problem I have is that there is no VAT code for "outside the scope of VAT". There is no support with the free Express version but on a Microsoft forum the moderator advised that MOA was approved by HMRC and that items outside the scope should be coded as E for exempt. Unfortunately this means they are also included in boxes 1 and 4 of the return. I have passed this to HMRC who gave a detailed reply that the Microsoft forum was wrong on both counts, and confirmed the way it handled VAT is incorrect. I also have a problem with the treatment of EC sales and purchases.

Has anyone had experience of MOAE and can advise if I have got something wrong in the setup or who has found another solution?


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27th Oct 2009 18:04

MIcrosoft need to get their act together

one of the many quirks there in i will have a look and seeif i can get round it for you

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By Anonymous
27th Oct 2009 20:43

I think that if you blank out the VAT code box so there's nothing in there it will leave it out of the VAT return completely.

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By Anonymous
29th Oct 2009 11:34


I've noticed this as well, unfortuneatly Microsoft's answer just seems to be 'it's HMRC approved' so users who arn't accountants can't get in trouble! Depending on the size of your company and the volume of transactions you have, it doesn't take too long to go through the reports to see what's in there that shouldn't be then adjust the figures yourself. It's dangerous ground though, HMRC dont like mistakes....Saying that I wonder whose mistake it was to approve such a flawed bit of software...?

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06th Nov 2009 13:05

Overtaken by events

In case you haven't heard, the discussion about Microsoft Office Accounting will be overshadowed by the company's decision to stop distributing it.

Individual editions will continue to be supported for 5 years from their initial release date (eg until 2013 for OAP 2008) and this task will be undertaken in the UK by Mamut, which undertook a similar rescue mission last year for MYOB users.

I feel particularly sorry for one former MYOB user who decided against going with Mamut and chose MS OAP instead... I'm told they went with Kashflow, but only after getting founder Duane Jackson to promise that he wouldn't be selling out to Mamut.

For the full, gory details, see:

Microsoft pulls the plug on Office AccountingRIP Microsoft Office Accounting 2004-09Editor's blog - Microsoft OAP: How not to market business software

John Stokdyk, Technology editor

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06th Nov 2009 14:03

you are correct

one of the bugs i think - you have to use N

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03rd Apr 2012 18:31

Microsoft Office Accounting Express - VAT

Can anyone please tell me how I clear the VAT balance after paying the net amount due to HMRC?

I end up with:-

a DR balance on the VAT Liability Account, representing the amount paid;a CR balance, representing my Output VAT; anda DR balance, represnting my Input VAT.

The net balance is obviously Zero, but MOAE has resisted all my attempts to clear the individual balances.

Any advice will be gratefully received.

Thank you.


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