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Mileage App - any recommendations

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good mileage app?

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I have a few clients who are using their personal cars for business, they want an easy way to track and record their business miles, any recommendations for good apps?

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By Ruddles
22nd Oct 2018 12:21


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By bendybod
22nd Oct 2018 17:09

I've been trialing MileIQ. It does have limitations though - as probably all of them do.
It is good in that you can track mileage for different types of vehicle, for instance a car and a motorbike.
It can't distinguish between mileage done when you are driving and when you are using other means of transport so you have to go in and delete journeys by, for example, train or bus. I've just been on holiday and hired a car and it has included all of those journeys which I've had to go in and delete.
It relies upon you having your phone with you but you can at least add a journey in manually if needed.
You can record expenses such as parking and tolls.
It will learn regular journeys such as your commute.
It has a limited free amount of journeys per month but in all likelihood the majority of us would exceed these, in which case it is about £45 pa so you / your client would need to determine whether the outlay is worth it. In my experience it has meant that I have claimed for journeys which previously I probably wouldn't have bothered with as I've seen a month end figure of, say, £15 whereas an individual journey of £1 I would probably have ignored, so they add up without you necessarily realising.

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
22nd Oct 2018 17:44

Tripcatcher. £1.49pcm, has GPS tracker and manual and recurring entry.

Downside is that for Xero integration, the user must have a ‘standard’ Xero licence. There’s the option to integrate to RB instead, but we don’t.

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By marks
22nd Oct 2018 22:12

Tripcatcher or MileIQ

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By GlobalTax
23rd Oct 2018 00:17

Try Triplog mileage. It works as soon as get the the car and can purchase a device which means it captures only car miles. Integrates with Quickbooks too. I think some others mileage apps don't have GPRS and have to start it manually.

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