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Mileage claims

Mileage claims

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I am looking to clarify if one of my clients can claim mileage fior their work. I am of the view that he can't but I just need someone else to clarify it for me.

There is a Limited Company and the director works for another business through some sort of agency but is classed as a subcontractor and not an employee (this is not my issue). The majority of his work is at this company (3 days a week), but he is free to work elsewhere if he wanted to so he is in control of when/where he works etc. He mostly just works there 3 days a week and does no other work the rest of the week (its alright for some people!! haha). He uses his own private car to get to and from the office.

My question is, can he claim mileage from his home to the office where he works 3 days a week , or is this classed as his primary place of work, and so he could claim mileage for any other work he does, just not to this office where he works 3 days a week?

As stated above, I suspect he cannot claim the mileage as this is where the amjority of his work is done.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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By Yesican
03rd Jun 2015 13:37

Length of Contract

Isn't a place of work classed as temporary unless he has worked there for more than 24 months?

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