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Minutes calculation

Minutes calculation

I am working on a time sheet where I record my activities in Excel, the cells are formatted as time cells and record 01:00 or 02:30 etc. The daily activity is totalled in the same format. For a further calculation I need also to show the number of minutes. The problem I am having is that my attempt to calculate 01:00/60 doesn't provide me with a figure that I recognise isn't the figure of 60 minutes that I am looking for


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01st Feb 2012 12:27

It's either...

... the format or the calculation that's at fault, or both.

If you have a time of 1:15 in cell A1, your formula is "=HOUR(A1)*60+MINUTE(A1)".  Excel may then automatically format the cell with the formula in to a time format, and you need to change it to a number format.

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09th Feb 2012 14:52

More guidance hours and minute functions

We covered other time-related functions and techniques in last year's Excel FAQs: Hours and minutes guide.

You can find the full set of Excel FAQs here, and further tutorials and guides on our ExcelZone page and discussion group.

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10th Feb 2012 19:33

This may be too simplistic but....

If you have a number formatted as a time value and you multiply by 24 and multiply the product by 60, it gives you the number of minutes in a cell not formatted for time values. Multiply by 60 again it gives you the number of seconds - or maybe I've misunderstood the question. If so, apologies

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