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"Missing" Post


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Has anyone else been suffering a blight of missing post recently sent to HMRC? I have had three letters sent to SA (BX9 1AS) that, one month later, "have not arrived".....

Really? Come on.

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By Duggimon
23rd Jun 2017 09:01

Well it depends who you ask about whether they have arrived. Just because they have arrived at HMRC does not mean they have arrived at the person or group you sent them to.

Royal Mail require one day to get it to whatever gaping maw HMRC post is thrown in to, from then it's 2 days to ten weeks for it to wind its way to the desk you need it on. Presumably the internal post system is staffed entirely by cats.

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Replying to Duggimon:
By Democratus
23rd Jun 2017 09:22

Unfair on cats, cats always know what they are doing even if it's unfathomable to humans. I believe HMRC internal post works by osmosis or is based on some equivalent of homeopathy; where because one letter arrived once at the right desk on time all letters are deemed to have arrived and so no effort is made to see if they actually were delivered.

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