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Missing Self Assessment Returns

Letter from HMRC asking for co-operation

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We've received a letter from HMRC about missing Tax Returns.  Their records show we have a number of clients that have failed to file at least one SA Return - I assume this means 2019/20 and earlier.

We are aware of that fact but we can only chase them up to an extent.  They want to send us a list, work with our clients to review outstanding Returns, arrange for them to be filed and ask the client to make appropriate payments of tax where required. If we no longer act to take the action to delete them from our client list.

Anyone else had one of these letters?  Seems to me they should be concentrating on getting the backlog of current work done without increasuing their workload now.

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By Paul Crowley
30th Nov 2021 11:50

Not seen any such letter
We tend to delete clients after they are clearly doing their own thing, but do do not rush to delete them and HMRC will still treat us as agents, because deleteing from the portal is ignored by HMRC
As such you may well find their list of clients allocated to you has so many more than your portal shows.
You are only dislodged by one of following:
Client deleteing you on GG
Client appointing a proper agent who sorts the 64-8 correctly
You write to HMRC and they actually bother to deal with the letter

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By justsotax
30th Nov 2021 11:58

It seems to be all one sided.....they have less people so they want the cooperation of the agents (whom over the last few years they seem to have wanted to exclude).

Send them an engagement letter and a fee quote......i think there is a point in time where we need to stop bending over for them.....they don't pay us.

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By jwill76
30th Nov 2021 12:19

Doesn't the legislation state filing on time is the responsibility of the tax payer?

Why ask agents to chase the clients, reduce their own workload?
They seem happy enough sometimes to exclude agents, and chase clients for enquiry information directly, now they want assistance?

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
30th Nov 2021 12:33

I wouldn't bother responding. It sounds like a fools errand to me, chasing around Z list clients who are now what, 10 months late filing? You have presumably hassled them several times yourself and then given up trying.

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By Leywood
30th Nov 2021 12:43

Send it back with a note saying 'due to your carp systems no Accountants can use the authorise a client system so I'm shutting up shop. Do you own dirty work'


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