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Moan re HMRC Re Tax Repayment Forms

Moan re Tax Repayment Forms

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1    Agents are not permited to make a claim for a tax repayment in year but must submit a paper form. The individual tax payer may if they have their own Gateway Account account.

2    For a Flexibly accessed pension payment the form is a P55. But if I try to fill in using the format that allows using the keyboard and then printing of it is not possible to complete in the case of my client.

A  It demands a employers PAYE Ref, my client is not employed.If not filled in you cannot continue.

B   If I use the pension Companies PAYE Ref it then permits me to proceed tpo pensions recieved but demands an annual pension as well as the lump sum.

So I will be filling in the form in hand writing!!!

I do believe that HMRC do not value agents at all.


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