Mobility section of Disability Allowance

Mobility section of Disability Allowance

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Hello everyone I'm not sure if I should do this on AWEB (Becky to advise) but it is something I feel deeply about

I am attaching a link to an online petition started by the Leonard Cheshire Charity
It is asking the government to maintain the mobility section of the Disability Living Allowance, which is under threat of being cut
This benefit is used by the physically handicapped as a means for paying for their wheelchairs and other mobility aids
It is particular relevant for those in care homes who have no other means of paying for what outside visits and mobility assistance they receive. You will appreciate that without mobility the physically handicapped are trapped in a virtual prison
Please sign the petition and if you feel able send it on to as many people as possible on your mailing list
Thanks to you all and a Happy Christmas

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By Roland195
23rd Dec 2010 10:24

Best of luck

I wish them the best of luck with the petition but I am afraid that Joe Public may not entirely understand what is being said and will confuse the issue with that of the motobility scheme generally which I suspect is not popular in public opinion.

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By Becky Midgley
23rd Dec 2010 10:34

It's the season of goodwill

I'll allow it this once.

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By bernard michael bayly
23rd Dec 2010 10:46

Mobility allowance

Thanks Becky - Happy Christmas

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By Jimess
23rd Dec 2010 13:18

Good Luck

Mobility allowance enables my Mum to do a lot of things we all take for granted.  I fully support the petition.  Good luck for the campaign.

Happy Christmas




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