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Moneysoft and CV-19

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Have a look at:-

now includes several how-tos including furloughed workers & SSP.

Well done Moneysoft!

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By SXGuy
23rd Mar 2020 20:17

Brilliant! I must have missed this as I only recently looked.

So for now, record gross pay and record them as furlough in the notes.

In guessing that also means to run an fps as usual as well?

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By Wanderer
23rd Mar 2020 20:29

Think I might set up separate
Furloughed Pay &
Employer discretionary pay
or something similar in 'Additions'.
Will help to keep track.

I'd say yes to the normal FPS & EPS.

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By Richard_Carey
23rd Mar 2020 22:08

As things are moving very fast we (Moneysoft) are publishing guides/FAQs etc as soon as possible, whenever the information becomes available. If you have a question that we have not answered and think that others may benefit from it being included in our FAQs then please email it to [email protected] and we will do our best to find and publish the information. Thanks.

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Replying to Richard_Carey:
By Cheshire
24th Mar 2020 08:05

Fabulous and thank you.

I spotted this when I logged in last night and it showed an update to the software was required - popped up with all the usual year end/year start notices.

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By Wanderer
23rd Mar 2020 23:02

Well Moneysoft have updated their guidance at 22:40 tonight, looks like they've taken on board the use of the 'Additions' tab.
They now have additional screenshots showing this.
Again, well done all at Moneysoft, this really helps us dealing with the practicalities of implementing this at such a difficult time.

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26th Mar 2020 13:16

Yesterday there was no software update available but there was an 'how to' on setting the SSP to day 1. Which was helpful

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