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Moneysoft EPS for employment allowance - why does it keep asking for it each month on some employers?

Why asking for another EPS?

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I use moneysoft and have submitted the correct EPS for each client to claim or not claim Employment Allowance at the end of April.  

I am now finding that for some employers it is asking me to submit another EPS with the same information at the end of May.  It is not doing this for every employer though.  Does anyone know why this might be?


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By Wanderer
23rd May 2016 16:10

We were the first to raise this with MoneySoft.

For us the EPSs done via the batch processor required another EPS whereas the ones submitted individually didn't.

They fixed it about a week after we reported it. Do a program update (it's not one that you will be prompted to do) & the second EPSs will dissappear.

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By Luke
24th May 2016 09:59

Brilliant, that has done the job of getting rid of the extra ones. Thank you.

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