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Moneysoft Holiday records

Moneysoft Holiday records

I really am fan of Moneysoft Payroll but I cannot get to grips with the Holiday Records - decided I must use it afresh from this April but now I find it takes the annual hol for 2012-13 as the start of March 2013 - any idea what I am doing wrong?  No b/fwd hols, Hol Yr to start 1/4/2012 with 31 days per yr including Bank Holidays.

Just wanted to get all the payrolls done correctly at the point I start the new year.


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By alattax
14th Apr 2012 11:25

This is the one poor aspect of Moneysoft

They treat the holiday year as aligned with the tax year which gives a curious result if your own/clients holiday year is anything different.

Although we may identify holiday pay on the payslips this not defined by the operation of the calendar function and I keep separate excel records of this.

Having said that, the use of the calendar is essential for the other statutory (SSP, SMP etc) pay purposes.       


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