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Moneysoft on Google Drive

Using Moneysoft on Google Drive

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Is anyone here using Moneysoft on Google Drive.  I apprecaite that you need to install the software on individual machines, but I'm wondering if anyone has stored the data files on Google Drive, instead of a server?

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By FirstTab
24th Aug 2016 20:23

Hello Stewie

We did this and are also doing the same for BrightPay.

For three people it sort of worked with MS. We got a fair number of MS backup files. You need to be careful of conflicting files. This is whereby two people access the same file at the same time.

In the main, it worked for us.

With BP too early to say, the jury is out.

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By Brunel
24th Aug 2016 20:35

We have it on, have also used it successfully on Dropbox.
Haven't tried it on Google drive, but haven't had much luck with the Google drive synchronisation program for documents.

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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
26th Aug 2016 00:01

Hi there, having shared files used in that way with sync software could lead to files being overwritten although could be avoided if worked with carefully. An alternative is to have that application or all software hosted and then either accessed from a full remote desktop or accessed from a web page. Elliott

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By Slim Freddie
26th Aug 2016 10:22

Use dropbox with BrightPay. Works perfectly.

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By ScribbleD
30th Aug 2016 13:56

Using Brightpay with dropbox very successfully. Haven't tried Google drive.

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