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Moneysoft Payroll

Moneysoft Payroll

As advised on this forum, I've invested in Moneysoft's Payroll.

I'm having a spot of bother with the printer.  I set it up to print on A4 paper but every time I come out of the program and go back in it's rest itself to something called "Letter" and only a corner of the payslip prints out.

I can't even find the problem in the manual - let alone the solution ......

What am I doing wrong ?


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05th Apr 2012 13:04

Moneysoft Payroll

There are some changes available in Tools-Printer, otherwise I have always found the helpline very good.

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05th Apr 2012 13:17

Control Panel

Often 'American' printers such as HP come pre-set to print to US style 'letter' size paper, which is slightly smaller than A4. This often has little consequence, until you come to print something like payslips, where you need to print right up to the edge of the paper.

You need to change set the paper size to A4 within the Control Panel of your computer in order for the change to become 'permanent'

eg. Control Panel-Devices & Printers.

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05th Apr 2012 13:20

Thanks ....

That just might fix it.


I didn't even know it was there .....................

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05th Apr 2012 13:21

May be the printer, not the payroll software

Check what the printer itself is reporting. The software may be querying the printer each time you start it up to check what size is loaded. We have a LaserJet somewhere on the network that always reverts to Letter size on certain computers with certain software unrelated to the Moneysoft Payroll we run. However since it doesn't seem to affect the particular printing we are doing we have never bothered to track down why.

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05th Apr 2012 14:17

Printer invalid

Our HP LaserJet is set up with A4 in every possible field of the printer properties and we use it quite happily in Moneysoft to print onto plain paper, with the Print Setup screen showing A4 and "Automatically select" as the source.  We use pre-printed payslips in another network printer (Brother) with the Print Setup screen showing A4 and defaulting to "Auto select".  However, when we specify the source as Tray 2 on the Brother, which is where the payslip stationery is located, it upsets the plain paper printer setup in Moneysoft more often than not.

Sometimes, it sounds the dong immediately and says that the "printer is invalid".  Other times, you get away with it for a bit and manage to print reports on plain paper on the LaserJet and pre-printed payslips on the Brother, but it then throws a "printer invalid" wobbly and won't even display a report on screen.  When you then go into the plain paper print setup for the LaserJet, it has changed from A4 to Letter.  Our workaround is to select a third network printer (another Brother) as the plain paper printer.  Moneysoft is then entirely happy.

So, my conclusion is that there is a problem with LaserJet printers or, at least, with the way Moneysoft handles them.

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05th Apr 2012 14:50


Possibly, but mine's an inkjet printer.

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05th Apr 2012 17:59

I had a problem with my HP Laserjet and Moneysoft

I rang the helpline to ask them why my printer kept on stalling. They said they had never heard of this one. I was rather concerned, as I suspect their software is to blame.

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07th Apr 2012 15:27

Much though I'd like to point the finger at Moneysoft...

... as a rival software developer I'm prepared to assert that above 99% of the time this kind of problem is down either to the printer-manufacturer's drivers or down to the setup of the printer. It is vanishingly rare for the application software such as Moneysoft to be the culprit. Typically in the operating system and printer driver there can be 2-3 places where you have to specify A4 rather than letter sized paper, and failure to do so at any point causes the kind of problems referred to here. The way that application programs drive printers on Windows PCs really means that the application program itself doesn't (and shouldn't) care what printer make is being used because your application such as Moneysoft sends the same "please print this document" instruction to the PC regardless of the printer make and eg paper-tray selected, and the job of the PC operating system and printer drivers is to turn that into real instructions to the printer that end up generating the correct ink pattern on the paper. Application software such as Moneysoft doesn't dirty its hands with that end of the chain.

This kind of issue, which business application software developers have little direct control over, is why commercial software support teams dislike stationery so much.

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10th Apr 2012 10:49

Thanks Tom

It's only because of your comments I am willing to have another look at my printer settings. As I am just about to buy a new computer and printer this will be uppermost in my mind.

I shall try to be more charitable to the software people in future.

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