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Moneysoft payroll - ability to email several reports in one email?

Moneysoft payroll - ability to email several...

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How do I send several password protected PDF documents to a client for approval in one email.

In an ideal world I would send payslips, tax summary and RTI report for approval in one email.  I know I can save them as pdf reports and attach to an email but I cannot see how to do this and password protect the pdfs.

Or I can send the reports individually via moneysoft which will password protect them but will send them all individually.

Can anyone help please?


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By peter.wood100
04th Apr 2014 17:54

Use WinRar

WinRar can send the saved pdf's as a single password protected file.  Each pdf will require the password to open it

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By Luke
06th Apr 2014 11:35

I will look into that.

Moneysoft has confirmed it it not possible to do as I wish directly.

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Man of Kent
By Kent accountant
06th Apr 2014 14:15


@Luke - I'm going to be using Lindenhouse's virtual cabinet and document portal. It can do this and much more.

I've attended a webinar and an on-line one to one demostration,am very impressed with the products.


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By torbenhalvorsen
08th May 2014 17:24

Online access to clients

Hi Luke,

Why not considering a software where you can give secure online access to your clients, so that they can post document, data and also approve it. This way you wouldn't have the need to be sending documents back and forward, besides you can communicate live with your clients and with automatic invoice recognition of different journal types you can have most data on documents your clients send you automatically inserted in the different fields reducing the need for manual data input. The goal of PaperLess is exactly that, to allow you to work side by side with your clients even if you are in opposite sides of the world.

If your need some more information please feel free to contact me and you can also check some more information on: 

Hope I could help

Kind Regards,

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By Luke
08th May 2014 17:37


A somewhat blatant advert and doesn't even appear to be relevant to payroll production.

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