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Moneysoft Payroll keeps crashing

Moneysoft Payroll keeps crashing

Does anyone else suffer with Moneysoft payroll crashing on a windows 7 (64 bit) machine?

Our copy seems to be constantly crashing, especially when we are running the apyroll for our biggest client (60 staff)


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22nd Oct 2011 20:44

no problems

I use Moneysoft on a 64 bit laptop and don't have any problems at all. I don't have companies that are that large though.

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22nd Oct 2011 21:19

runs smoothly

we have Moneysoft working on Vista and Windows 7 64 bit


we have never had the same problem, but our largest payroll is about 30 employees so looking at other comments it has something to do with the number of employees


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23rd Oct 2011 03:14

RE: Moneysoft Payroll keeps crashing
Mr Stewie Griffin,

I run moneysoft with over 200 employees and I don't have any problem because of this. I run it on a laptop, Windows 7 (64bits). Only once I had a similar problem and this is how I sorted the problem out. It worked for me.

For you to solve your problem you need to backup all Moneysoft files, uninstall Moneysoft, clean computer and update it and reinstall Moneysoft. If you are not very good on doing this fallow my indications;

1. First make a folder on your desktop named however you want ( I suggest you name it "Moneysoft Backup Files, 22-Oct-11") and back up your Moneysoft ALL files in this folder.
2. After you are 100% sure your files are backed up save it on a external drive (e.g. USB memory stick. Also zipp the folder your files and email it to yourself, this is just in case your USB memory fails.
3. Uninstall everything is Moneysoft from your computer, delete all folders and files from Documents and the desktop folder you created earlier.
4. Restart the computer and check again all your computer for any Moneysoft files or folders.
5. Go to My Computer, look through the folders and delete any moneysoft folder or files you find there. Places to look for are:
• C/My Computer/program files/....
• C/My Computer/program files (86)/...
• C/My Computer/program files (86)/Common Files/...
• Keep looking through the system folders, you will find them.
6. Write "Moneysoft" in the search option on your start button. If you found any files or folders which they belong to Moneysoft, delete them all one by one.
7. Restart your computer, perform a "disk cleanup", this will clear you Recycle Bin too. Check you your antivirus, it may saved something about Moneysoft too, look well and delete any permissions you find. Restart your computer again.
8. Update your windows and all any other updates you can like your printer (for sure you print Moneysoft Reports, so it needs an updated printer. Update your system too if your computer came with such tool. Do a properly update and restart as many times as necessary.
9. After the restart, perform AGAIN a Disk Cleanup to delete any temp files while updating. Restart again.
10. Now you have a clean computer.
• Download Moneysoft, from your wherever you saved it when you bought it (you received it to your email). Install it on your computer. When Installation is complete, restart again.
• After restart open Moneysoft and update it. Restart again.
• Restore your saved Moneysoft Files back to your computer from your USB memory stick. You will need to do your settings so you can use it (e.g. Within Moneysoft, set up your printer for priting reports).
• After all your files are restored, restart your computer. Check for windows updates again. Don't start yet Moneysoft.
• Go to your antivirus settings and look carefull and find the options where you can add moneysoft program (s) as a trusted file. For sure you will find it somewhere.
• Run/ open Moneysoft. Your antivirus might pop up and ask you if it should alow or not this program as a trustfull file, select yes (depends of your antivirus).
• Now, your Moneysoft Program should work fine only if you were patient enough to fallow the steps above. With this ocassion you also cleaned and updated your computer.

If you still have the problem give a call to Moneysoft, they will help you out too.

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By suepg
20th Mar 2014 20:46

Moneysoft - same problem!

I am using Moneysoft on a brand new laptop running windows 8 with virtually no other software on it. We moved it to this new standalone laptop on the recommendation of Moneysoft in an attempt to solve the very same problem. I telephoned for support and was told that running a very large payroll was the issue! To be honest, I was less than impressed.

I have used Moneysoft now for four years with no problems, but since around September last year, it has got slower and slower. In January we were left with no alternative but to load it onto a new computer.

It has now become almost unuseable as it is constantly crashing or corrupting the files.Our biggest payoll client is around 150 employees and so close to the end of the year, we really don't want to be continually restoring backed up files. The problems are much less in the other payroll files which all have fewer than 10 employees.

I will try everything you have suggested but since the problem is occurring onto a brand new computer, I fear it may be in vain. I am afraid I have found the support Moneysoft have given to be pretty useless and am actually on here to ask if anyone has any suggestions for replacement similar software.

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