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Moneysoft Problem

Data migration caused Moneysoft July RTI submission sill showing outstanding.

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Migrated data to Onedrive (Microsoft) in July and sbmitted RTI for July. But when opened Moneysoft today, its still showing RTI as outstanding. Checked with HMRC and they cofirmed that RTI received for clients for July month.

Confused as to should I resbmit July or is there any other way around? as dont want to send duplicate for fear of penalties, other issues etc

( I am sure Euan will come for my rescue!)


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By coolmanwithbeard
29th Aug 2017 10:29

When migrating your data did you tell your moneysoft software? My guess is that you may have navigated to the file to do the submission but that the software is be default looking at the old location (or possibly vice versa it submitted the RTI from the old location).

Either way you have copied your data and now have two copies with differing information in different locations.


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By A_non
29th Aug 2017 10:40

Thanks coolman!

Might have happened that way but the question is how to resolve it? Resubmit July?

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Replying to A_non:
By coolmanwithbeard
30th Aug 2017 10:58

No I wouldn't resubmit. If you cannot find the version with the submission done then ensure July has the correct data and just go straight to August. The software will let you after usual warnings about fire, pestilence, Donald Trump etc. Ensure you have the email acknowledgement from HMRC for July safely stored!

Oops sorry just seen Lion's post below sound advice I'd say!

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By lionofludesch
30th Aug 2017 11:04

I had a similar issue last month with the July RTI not showing up. I've got a receipt for it from HMRC so that's good enough for me.

When I submitted the August one, I was told the July hadn't been submitted, did I want to continue with August ? Yes - so the August one went through as normal. The only snag is that July now doesn't show up in the Moneysoft RTI record.

Just ignore it but keep that HMRC acknowledgement.

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