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Monthly to quarterly VAT returns

Client wishes to change from monthly VAT returns to quarterly

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We have a client who has been submitting monthly VAT returns for some years, but due to  a downturn in business, the cashflow advantage of doing so is minimal and outweighed by the burden of regular filing. I could find nothing on HMRC's (or any other website) about how to implement this change to the frequency of the returns, all references were to switching from quarterly to monthly.  And after more than 15 minutes listening to appalling recorded "music" I gave up on HMRC's helpline.

Doe anyone have any experience of this change, and how to go about it?

Many thanks


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21st Feb 2019 18:33

HMRC VAT for Agents page

Pick out the particular client's home page

Change Registration Details

Change Return Frequency

Select your preferred stagger group

Bob's Your Uncle

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