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More new SA portal shenanigins

Why don't they fix it

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New look portal, client overpaid. Request repayment. "Page not found".


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By Eagle Eyed
22nd Aug 2019 20:36

Workaround to access the various pages in first reply on that thread courtesy of Wanderer.

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By Paul D Utherone
23rd Aug 2019 13:28

Works for me. Most of the problems with getarounds in Wanderers thread are fixed.

The address for the repayment page is: (where 1234509876 is the client's UTR)

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By SteLacca
23rd Aug 2019 09:46

I managed to do it eventually. There are links to claim repayment on two separate sections of the portal. One works, one doesn't.

Nevertheless, workarounds and alternatives does not excuse releasing an unfinished and broken product.

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