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More questions about excel

More questions about excel

I am in the middle of a spreadsheet and am entering bank details.
I have a bank account in columns 1 - 6 ie date, detail, property , in, out, total.
When I enter the transaction details, it gets transferred to a column for the various properties.
How do I, instread of having more and more columns for the properties, have a separate sheet for each property.
The next question is I have the property details at the top of the sheet.
I am now way down the page and cannot see which property it is.
How do you make sure the top couple of lines are always visible?
Any help gratefully received.
Angela Brownless


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29th Feb 2008 17:05

Hi Angela,

I am not sure what you want to achieve exactly for the first question.

You can click another sheet in the same document or even another document and press the = and navigate to another cell / sheet to bring the data.

For example go to sheet 2 click the first cell, then press =. With your mouse navigate to another sheet andselect a cell and press enter. You will be back on sheet two in the first cell and it will look like: =Sheet1.A1

For the second question you can freeze panes to fix a row or a column - or both. This will allow you to navigate your spreadsheet, with the chosen section always visible.

Hope this helps.

Accountant Websmiths

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By ACDWebb
03rd Mar 2008 09:15

For the second part regarding reporting for a property
try using a pivot table


Property the PAGE field
Date the ROW field and Detail the COLUMN field, or possibly vice versa. It depends on how much info you want to show and perhaps setting a main detail field for "Repairs, Utilities, Fees, etc".
Sum of In and Out as the DATA field

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By Anonymous
01st Mar 2008 08:42

Top couple of rows
To make sure the top couple of rows are always present:

If say you want the top two rows to always be on the screen, go to cell A3, then click 'window', then 'freeze panes'.

If you also want column A to stay on the screen, because you are going to the columns to the right, go to cell B3 and repeat as above. If you need to remove this feature, go 'window' and 'unfreeze panes'

Regarding your first query, you can make a reference in a second sheet to the original sheet, although I'm not sure why you want to do this - unless the number of properties is now making the printing out impossibly small.

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