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More software

More software

More software have apparently signed up 60 firms of accountants for clients to use the 'bookkeeping' software. The talk from More software sounds good in that clients are responsible for bank recs etc.

I cannot find much on the web about More software, other than from Dennis Howlett, but his comments are not based on practical hands on experience.

What are the other accountants practical experiences of client uptake/reactions/problems?



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05th Apr 2006 13:07

We like More
The practice I work for has several clients on More.

At the moment it's basically a computerised cashbook, but has the promise of sales and purchase ledgers coming soon.

I find clients like it because it's straightforward to use and written in layman's language. The inputting screens for money in and money out handle like posting to a spreadsheet. The program can be customised to make it even simpler - for example, redundant columns can be removed and petty cash can be enabled or removed.

It has training videos embedded so some more IT-literate clients prefer to self-train, others find it useful to be taught.

After I trained one client to use More to keep her books and run her bank rec and VAT return, she said, "I feel liberated" - she hadn't realised it would be so simple.

Tim, Bob and the More team have always been very helpful to us.

It won't suit everyone, especially clients who have lots of debtors and creditors, but for small cash-based businesses, I'd recommend it highly.

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06th Apr 2006 16:09

My practice also has several clients on More. I find it the most efficient way of obtaining clients' data, and the easiest to train clients on.

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06th Apr 2006 20:10

To be clear
I spend a fair amount of time discussing 'more' development with Bob Harper so while I may not (yet) have the full hands on, I'm satisfied the company is endeavouring to solve tough problems in a way that s a win-win for professionals and clients.

I am hoping to arrange a gig where more will appear with a customer to talk aobut the experience.

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07th Apr 2006 13:18

More is fantastic !
95% of my clients are now using More. It is easy to set clients up and they are instantly in control of their business.

When it comes to doing the end of year accounts everything is much quicker and simpler. Basically the clients are producing accounts to TB for you, no more scrabbling around through boxes of paper and manual cashbooks analysing the bank etc.

For clients coming from a manual system the accountant can set the columns up exactly as they were in the clients manual cashbook. This gives the client confidence to give it a try.

I would strongly recommend More to any accountant to give to their clients, it will make your life so much easier!

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12th Apr 2006 15:33
Maybe they need to consider their branding - searching for "more accounting software" on Google wasn't very helpful: thousands of hits, but none that got to the site in question.

Here's a proper link.

We've run across More once our twice in our research for IT Zone. But Dennis Howlett had this to say about the system on his AccMan Pro blog: "At the client end, More is a desktop application but is fired over to the practice as an electronic file for incorporation into an accounts production package or spreadsheet. In effect, it is a hybrid desktop-SaaS style package. Updates are done server side so when a client logs into the system, the server recognises whether updates are required."

For information on other online accounting options, try the AccountingWEB software on demand page.

Hope this information helps.

John Stokdyk
Technology editor

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By ChrisDL
12th Apr 2006 11:38

Where do I get information on this?
This sounds ideal for a client I am working with - where I can find out about it?

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