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Morning tea break, lunch and afternoon tea break

Entertainment or..

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we are thinking of utilising spare space by running in-house training days / part days for clients + prospective clients

depending on which time frame - we will offer the the above 'refreshments and snacks'   No chefs+ not lavish  - just help yourself from the M&S sandwich+sushi + a few biscuits with the coffee break     

are these classified  strictly as entertainment with no vat reclaim and non tax deductible or is this definately  beyond entertainment - but sustinance and H&S breaks etc for third parties.......    Trying to cost out and plan a schedule for H2 so comments appreciated + view to setup default codes[vat + nominal ] for supplier accounts

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By Tim Vane
30th Aug 2017 14:32

Are you charging clients for the training?

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Replying to Tim Vane:
By kiwilondon99
30th Aug 2017 16:14

provision will be part of paid for training day - billed + vat ,[ no local shops to send you off to & far more professional to provide on site ]
But - also separately foc for the demo trialling + marketingPR of services + offering

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By Les Howard
30th Aug 2017 15:01

The provision of refreshments as part of training (paid for?) is part of the main supply.
Or is everything f.o.c?

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