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Mortgage reference not accepted by Santander

Reference submitted by letter in accordance with ICAEW guidelines but Bank wants standard form.

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I wrote a letter in accordance with ICAEW guidelines confirming my client’s income from two businesses for which as per the guideline and my website I do not charge.

Santander have now refused to process the application further without their standard form. I thought the banks and accounting bodies had sorted out this mess? Client, of course, thinks I’m being unreasonable.

What would you do next?

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By accountantccole
24th Oct 2019 11:46

Fill in the form and send explanatory email with all the caveats/detail etc on

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Red Leader
By Red Leader
24th Oct 2019 11:59

Put loads of disclaimers all over their standard form. Don't be afraid to decline to answer any questions.
I sometimes feel like responding "we only issue mortgage references on OUR standard form"!

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By ospevack
24th Oct 2019 12:24

Its interesting that your client thinks you're being unreasonable for what looks to me like a goodwill gesture.

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By Bob Loblaw
24th Oct 2019 14:37

I'd find my nearest Santander branch, wait until dark and then do a poo through the letterbox.

Or I'd comply with their request to fill in the form, advise my client that this is technically outside the scope of the free service (assuming that this was made clear to the client at the outset), charge them accordingly or do it for free but make them feel like the dirty scoundrels they are for taking advantage of me in such a way. You could send Santander a covering letter outlining how their form isn't fit for purpose, but that depends on how much time and energy you wish to exert on this.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
24th Oct 2019 17:22

As ever doing the right thing is never rewarded.

I must admit I used to always send letters, which they do accept sometimes and not others, what I tend to do now is use their form, but do it as a PDF, and stick my disclaimer on it, and sometimes white out anything I don't like.

I also tend to send the SA302's, HMRC tax year overview + signed company accounts regardless of whether they have been asked for.

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Replying to ireallyshouldknowthisbut:
By SWAccountant
24th Oct 2019 23:18

Ummm... Why on earth would you do that? I'll assume your client has given permission to do so, but still.

Let the broker earn his commission.

If the client isn't using one, earth some commission of your own and refer him to (a good) one.

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