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Most useful technical thread of the year?

Most useful technical thread of the year?

Didn't find your answer?

Apart from the Member of the Year prize, which is based on the number of thanks received from other members throughout the year, this is the category that best captures the essence of the AccountingWEB Community Awards.

Every year thousands of people post questions - we’re around the 10k mark in 2013 - and even more members come forward to offer their advice and opinions.

So if you’ve ever posted a query and received help from other members, why not suggest your thread as a way of saying thank you, or put forward any threads that come to mind that have saved you from falling into a nasty compliance trap.

To nominate a thread, just post a comment and link below. If somebody else has already nominated the one you want, you can either add a supporting comment, or just click the “Thanks” link on their comment.

Here are a few of the year’s most popular posts to get you started:

We look forward to seeing what other threads emerge.

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By JCresswellTax
17th Dec 2013 09:27

Not many responses

Not very technical but I liked this one.

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By Steve Kesby
17th Dec 2013 17:25

I've had a few, I have to say

I mean I've had a few favourite technical threads.

In case anybody doesn't notice I have a few favourite topics.

A big issue this year has been the abolition of the supposed non-statutory renewals basis. I've got a particular view, but it was interesting for me to get the feelings of others in THESE THREE THREADS.

There have also been some good threads on FHLs including THIS ONE and THIS ONE, where I still don't agree with John R (nor him with me). :P

There have been a couple of good IHT threads too. I paticularly enjoyed THIS ONE.

But I think my overall favourite is THIS ONE.

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By Tickers
17th Dec 2013 17:52

Good content

Some good content in those threads. Problem is will I get a chance to read them,  it's a pity that you can's save your favourite threads in your profile somewhere.

This site is a bit like You Tube, you log on for ten mins and two hours later you're still here.

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