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Motion Picture Licensing

pub client received 'notification' to register

A pub client has received a letter inviting them to apply for a licence to comply with recent amendments to section 72 of the Copyright Designs and Patents act. The letter is not a scam, it refers to showing content from 'our studio partners' whoever they are. Does the client have to apply if it only shows 'free to air' tv - BBC, ITV etc. The pub does not show paid for films or other pay to watch tv (Netflix, Sky etc). It has a standard colour tv licence. 

Anyone seen a similar letter?


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17th Oct 2017 10:44

Interesting paper re topic. below,

Whether the crowd that have contacted your client are entitled to issue licences to deal with the issue (akin to PRS re music) I have no idea, I suspect your client should probably refer to government sites /industry bodies to check best way to proceed.

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17th Oct 2017 10:54

OP wrote:
The letter is not a scam, it refers to showing content from 'our studio partners' whoever they are.
This sentence doesn't make sense. You are sure it is not a scam, but you have no idea who the letter-writers represent.

What makes you think it is not a scam?

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17th Oct 2017 11:00

As with a large number of questions posted on here, putting a few of the words in the question into Google gives comprehensive information on the position.

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17th Oct 2017 12:15

I read the paper and researched the source of the letter. I believe they represent clients who would seek a fee to show their output - what I don't know is if they represent the originators of the type of TV shown by my client. In the absence of any evidence they do, I will instruct my client to ignore it.

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