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Moved to UK, bring money here by selling home

I have moved to UK this year, I want to sell home in Pakistan and bring money here.

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I have moved to UK this year in end of January. I am paying my UK taxes on income here. Before I came here, I was living in Pakistan and have multiple assets there. I want to sell my house and some land in Pakistan and use that money to buy a home in UK.  I have also saved some cash which I may bring here.

Do I have to pay any taxes in UK on the money when I bring it? I have paid taxes in Pakistan on my earnings and will pay when I sell assets. 


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By sarahg
14th Sep 2017 15:02

You need to pay someone to look at your whole situation and advise you on this properly for now and the future. This is not a simple question for a forum. There are lots of companies that specialise in expat taxes, get in contact with one of them.

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Replying to sarahg:
By shehbazahmad
14th Sep 2017 16:05

Thanks, I will try to find one.

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Replying to shehbazahmad:
By A_non
15th Sep 2017 11:15

PM us if you need any assistance.

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