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Moving a website to a new host

Moving a website to a new host

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I have a website domain that I would like to move to a new host. The website is only a few pages of basic info, and was created by me.

I have never moved web hosts before - does anyone have any recommendations? Also, how do you actually go about it?

I am only looking to pay a small annual fee to host the pages - no ecommerce etc,

Many thanks in advance

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15th Feb 2013 11:00

Moving or change NameServers ...

Is it an actual move - a lot of people prefer to keep their domain(s) in one place all together and just move the pointer

You could leave the actual domain where it is (UK2 one&one etc.) and simply change the name servers

This will point to the new host without really any agro - also it is fairly simple to do & takes about 24 hours to propogate areound the internet; avoids actual domain transfer which is OK if you have sold/bought a domain but a pain just to to re-direct to another host

Google search - change Name Servers

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By Outerbridge Pen
15th Feb 2013 14:45


You need to get hold of the details of the Domain Name Servers (DNS) from your new hosting company.  There should be both primary and secondary ones.  (This is important in case one fails).  

Then log in at your domain name account and update the DNS information associated with your domain name to the new values. Generally, you will find there is an "Amend Name Servers" (or equivalent) link. Make sure you enter both the primary and secondary name servers.  It usually takes up to 24 hours for the changes to propagate - sometimes longer.

You should make sure that your site is regularly backed up, that any software it uses is updated and that it your site is monitored regularly to ensure that it is always available.  Some hosting companies do this for you; others don't. 

Hope this helps,


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By bencooper
21st Feb 2013 10:43

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Whilst not directly relevant, I wrote this article last year about making sure you have a portable website, incase you decide to move hosts/providers/designers.

Thought it might be useful for readers.



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By MissAccounting
21st Feb 2013 11:08

Speak to the guys at tsohost, they offer fantastic service at very reasonable prices.  They do hosting and domain management all under one roof so if anything goes wrong they can sort it with little to no fuss.


I have no association with the above other than a satisfied customer with over a dozen websites hosted with them.

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