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Moving from Digita

Moving from Digita - who else has made the move


I have been with Digita for probably 6 or 7 years and the software is good and of course integrated but it is expensive. I am thinking of moving to TaxCalc (all their modules) which is also integrated or possibly Capium. Has anyone else made the move and how was it? I wanted to stay with an integrated packagage as opposed to best of breed for the various modules.

Thank you.


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14th Mar 2018 09:25

Hi - did you see this recent thread?

As I say there, given the plethora of really good single cloud products these days I've been far better off designing a selection of products that best match the way I want to work. The risk with a fully integrated (ie fixed) system is that there is likely to be part of it that doesn't match.

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to Paul Scholes
14th Mar 2018 10:02

Hi Paul,

Thank you and yes I did. I think from some of your previous threads that you have a small number of clients because that's how you choose to work but for us the efficiencies of integration make a single product worthwhile.

Thanks again

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to Essex FCCA
14th Mar 2018 11:19

Hi - yes I'm now down to about 30 clients but I have no doubt that if the current apps had been around 6-7 years ago, when I had 150 clients, I'd have moved to them without hesitation.

Even 5 years ago I started to feel restricted by the fixed, internalised functions in Iris's suite, ie it could still do all the compliance work and, if organised properly, could keep you on top of workflow and deadlines, but, if away from your desk or emailing clients and colleagues it was not being used or updated.

With the cloud apps now available they are always available and you can integrate with emails and other apps, in fact, within a couple of years, no matter what apps you use to do anything in your life, you'll be able to form your own integrations with apps like Zapier.

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14th Mar 2018 10:34

After a number of years with Digita I left - see my blog
It was the cost for me and as my blog states I investigated BTC and TaxCalc and went with the latter for a while.
Now with TaxFiler for the tax returns = much cheaper
and does what it says on the tin and Cloud based Clearbooks for the accounts.
Suggest attend Accountex where all providers are under one roof.

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to Jennifer Adams
14th Mar 2018 11:34

Why the switch from Taxcalc? Just cost? If so, what was the saving?

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By floggy
14th Mar 2018 14:50

moved from digita to CCH
best move i ever made.
Big time saving in generating accounts over using accounts production advanced.

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14th Mar 2018 16:38

I switched to TaxCalc a year or so ago and find it very good full package is under £1500 for unlimited which is what you need as ladder pricing is old style pricing and not popular now. The only thing I would say is the PM side is not great. Maybe look at BTC also as they are similar price and features. They both have a cloud hybrid product which keeps your data on cloud allowing you to work anywhere, but with the functionality of desktop, which I feel is a good compromise, as cloud stuff so far all seems to be very much a light version of desktop software.

I tried Capium in 2016 and although they have come a long way in a short time it was not ready, but I bumped into them at Accountex North and they seem to have come a long way with the product since then so may well be better now, they are confident it is.

I would go to Accountex in May as you may also get a show price deal which is always worth the day out.

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By marks
14th Mar 2018 23:50

Glenn Martin, we are thinking of moving back to taxcalc after 3 years with IRIS. IRIS is really good but we have been in a fixed price deal with IRIS for 3 years and have already been told to expect a hike in price by our account manager at IRIS (wouldnt be surprised if they add something silly like 30% on).

I prefer the accounts and tax side of things in Taxcalc rather than IRIS and the only reason we moved to IRIS was for the PM. Taxcalc PM wasnt really fit for purpose and it seems from their website it hasnt really moved on in 3 years.

There are however a number of standalone PM providers that werent really about 3 years ago but I knew that when we came to the end of our 3 year deal with IRIS there would likely be some good standalone PM solutions out there.

What do you or anyone else recommend and why? I know of; whatsglide, accountancymanager, senta and karbon. Going to have a look at them all.

They all seem to do a lot of different things but basically we just want something that we can set up all our workflows with set job stages, assign staff too, and monitor job progress in report format similar to what IRIS does for us now.

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15th Mar 2018 10:07

A complete PM solution is holy grail which is not available as of yet. Senta and Accountancy Manager look to be as good as I have seen and will do all of what you ask.

The stumbling block is integration or lack of it with other products. The problem is that when you file a return in Taxcalc you have to login to AM or Senta and mark is as filed otherwise your systems will be out of sync, the bigger the practice the bigger the issue, so it potentially could increase work trying to reconcile the 2.

They will be better than a system of spreadsheets but probably about 80% of what you need. AM are doing some integration with Xero but not sure to what level. Xero are pushing Xero Hq so may not be so keen on opening it to other providers in same space.

I did get an email from Logical Office who have done some plugin to Taxcalc which seems to be some sort PM/CRM system but no idea on ifs any good or cost etc.

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15th Mar 2018 11:23

This got me looking at the alternatives. Anyone knows what happens about historical access to Digita once you cease the subscription? i.e. Is historical still available?

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to SteLacca
15th Mar 2018 17:24

you get a stand alone version of it with read only access, i just PDF everything up and saved them to my client files

They were all right about it really as i had a few issues getting it installed as had been on their hosted service and they got me sorted out well.

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to Glennzy
16th Mar 2018 10:02

Thank you. All files are already locally hosted so should simplify a little.

Still weighing up options (which includes the "do nothing" option, and renewal isn't until June/July, so have time yet.

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By PStreet
21st Mar 2018 19:06

My contract is now ending with digita and due to the price and several problems with it over the last year I'm not renewing.

I did sign up with capium (they offer a full money back offer) but after starting to try to use it I found it really wasn't up to spec for a few reasons.....they gaev me a refund and I'm now starting to use tax calc - I'm currently only just setting all the clients up, as although it imports some data there's a lot you still have to enter. I'm saving about £350 pm though......

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to PStreet
14th May 2018 16:50

Just wondering how you are getting on with Tax Calc. I'm thinking of leaving Digita, more on grounds of issues with software than cost. Tax Calc has been recommended but I don't know if it will be as good.

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to TaxAngel
14th May 2018 17:01

Are you going to Accountex next week, could be worth the trip as all suppliers are under 1 roof.

BTC or TaxCalc will be worth looking at from your point of view, you will also be able to meet face to face with Digita and discuss your issues.

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29th May 2018 13:47

Anyone else experiencing a deterioration in Digita support? We've been with them for 15 years because their support function used to be really good but this seems to have changed recently and we're struggling to get an urgent issue fixed (Practice Manager unable to save any client information changes) and to stop Digita from closing the case off before it's been fixed. After another follow up call today (and 3 1/2 hours going through their troubleshooting instructions on Saturday) the case is being escalated from their Tech to their IT department but they refused to give us any idea of a timescale that someone will back to us except "as soon as we can".

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