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Moving from industry to a Big 4?

Career change from industry to Big 4

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By zarar
07th Nov 2019 19:03

What do you ultimately want to do? Work in industry or practise? They are very different

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Replying to zarar:
By migdas
07th Nov 2019 21:00

I have always wanted to work in industry, until I had a child. Finding flexible work to work around school hours is proving quite challenging. I think working in practice would open the doors to start a small practice in the future to fit to my young family. Also, flexible working looks more doable in a practice thanks to the cloud softwares. But probably the first few years will be tough.

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By Slim
08th Nov 2019 20:11

Good luck moving from industry to the big 4, unless you have previous big 4 experience it's very tough.

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