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Moving from IRIS to BrightPay.

Can we access IRIS history, notice period for IRIS

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A client intends to move to Bright Pay from IRIS Payroll Business in April 17.

Can anyone confirm if the history on IRIS will still be available after the subscription in cancelled?  

Any thoughts on Bright pay?

Does IRIS have a 3 months notice period?




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By Counting numbers
01st Sep 2016 12:45

I’m definitely thinking of moving too from IRIS. I’m actually trialing BP now with one client. So far so good. It is fairly straightforward and user friendly. The reason for the move was IRIS’s increasing prices and they also charge more for AE. I decided to look at both brightpay and moneysoft as they both have very good reviews here on accounting web. I have to say though that the AE in BrightPay is far better than moneysoft. MS is good too but the interface is a little basic and dated. BP is so slick if you compare both. I also have found the support with BP better. They helped me import my client's data over easily.

I’ve had to give IRIS a three month notice period which is crazy. I’ve called their support line a few times about this asking if there is anything they can do. I’ve been told someone will call me back about it. But still no joy. I think I’ll give up. Also I’ve had a play with BP’s new cloud product and booked in for a demo next week. Be interesting to see what it’s like.

A similar post came up recently -

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By birdman
01st Sep 2016 12:47

Managed to cancel IRIS by not renewing, but 12-month notice for AE is costing me more than Brightpay for the year! History on IRIS unavailable once subs expire.
A really good move IMHO, and as I've said to various salesmen from IRIS since (they keep ringing), I just cannot see how their business model will survive at their prices except by inertia of existing client base.

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The Wages Room
By The Wages Room
01st Sep 2016 15:20

I have used Brightpay for many years in my payroll bureau. I would thoroughly recommend it. Brilliant software and excellent support!

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By Alex_T
01st Sep 2016 16:47

I did quite a bit of research before moving to BrightPay last year. I quickly dismissed Sage and Iris and eventually chose BrightPay over Moneysoft because their auto enrolment facility is far superior. The software is very comprehensive, user friendly and customer support is excellent and free.
There is no comparison in terms of cost, BrightPay wins that battle hands down.
My advice would be to download the free trial and import one of your companies across from Iris and do a direct comparison. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Best of luck!

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By hairyfingers
01st Sep 2016 20:43

Many thanks all. Yes they are running the 2 systems in tandem at the minute and all seems to be good with BP. Is ridiculous the 3 month notice and not being able to access data after cancellation but I think it's the price to pay to escape their almost extortionate pricing!

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By Slim Freddie
02nd Sep 2016 09:15

Really don’t know what IRIS are thinking!! Could you imagine saying that to one of your clients who wanted to leave??? It would go down like a ton of bricks.

Left IRIS two years ago and it was so frustrating. Use BTC software and bright pay now with no issues. Only wished I’d made the move years ago.

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By cstwragby
02nd Sep 2016 15:24

The client will be very happy with Brightpay. I switched to it in April and it does everything you need for a fraction of the price of Iris and has a slick interface. If you need any help the support team reply very fast.

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By chewmac
02nd Sep 2016 18:54

Another vote for BP. Like others have said its very userfriendly, AE is excellent - and initially what made me move over. You should consider the move for yourself, not just your client!

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By oor001
04th Sep 2016 22:29

Another vote here for Brightpay!
We moved from Moneysoft in April and love it.

It is very user friendly and has a great interface.
The support is fantastic and answered any questions we had quickly.

We also have had no issues with Auto enrolment.

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