Moving from Tax Filer

Anyone else been switched over to Iris elements.

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I was advised ny Itis that moving over from Tax Filer to Iris Elements would mean the same funcitionalty. So, the transfer went fine. No problems at all. This morning I am looking for the notes tab. Emailed suipport and was told i'd have to upgrade to practive management. What a rip off. I already use Accountacy Manager for pracrce management. More money. They Can forget it.

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By rayhelmke
20th Feb 2024 14:34

Yup, we migrated yesterday, dreadful product.

As i've now migrated, once my subscription runs out on taxfiler, I believe I can no longer use it.

I won't be using Elements and need to find a new product. probably Taxcalc or I might use Xero accounts production and Xero tax as all my clients are on that anyway.

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By 0098087
20th Feb 2024 14:42

I may have to take the one month trial of practice manager so I can get my notes access., Just don't have time to copy them all over before my sub runs out.

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By Leywood
20th Feb 2024 14:48

A fair few posts on this already, including suggesting alternatives.

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
20th Feb 2024 15:12

Ask AM - they must be coming across this problem.. you never know. The AM support is always helpful and might be able to come up with something.

I also use AM and wouldnt leave it for the world. I too am in mind to leave but only have 10 days to decide apparently... so I have been told

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