Moving from Xero to Sage

maybe I'm mad

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I never thought I'd consider this move, but I want to keep an open mind and avoid being too loyal to one brand.

The reports from Sage One (or is it Business Cloud?) seem a bit weak compared to Xero, but I might not be using it to its full potential, I find the Sage Intelligence section confusing. I do prefer Xero's bank reconciliation process which is surely more efficient. On the other hand, Sage's bulk entry of purchase invoices is significantly better than Xero's. IIRC you don't get bulk/csv uploads unless you have the required number of subs.

Currently, Sage is much cheaper at £10 a month compared to Xero's £33. I don't have the volume needed for a special deal from Xero, nor do I qualify for the in-house Bureau deals due to the volume of licences I'd have to purchase.

The price rises along with the poor customer service is turning me off Xero, sure for the larger firms with better deals and access to better features I can see why they are all so enthusiastic but like the smaller firms you'll get squeezed at some point, as they know you'll be reluctant to move.

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By johnthegood
03rd Jun 2024 06:22

depends on the client, we use use both, Sage is cheaper but not as good but for some clients its good enough. QBO is better than Sage.

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By bernard michael
03rd Jun 2024 09:36

When did you last see a good report about Sage software or it's support??

That should be a guide to your thinking

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Chris Downing
By Chris Downing
03rd Jun 2024 11:31

Hi SouthCoastAcc

Would be more than happy to go through in more detail Sage Accounting (no longer Sage One), also you may not be fully up to speed on the Smart Reporting (replaces the Sage Intelligence), plus 12 months ago Sage were the first to bake in Receipt Capture into the app (followed by QBO and FreeAgent, so just waiting for Xero catch-up). So if you have clients performing the receipt scanning or email forwarding of invoices, they no longer require AutoEntry or Dext as a secondary solution.

Also, Sage Start for those simple VAT returns is less than £8 for a single licence subscription via the accountant/bookkeeper.

Chris Downing
for Sage

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
03rd Jun 2024 11:54

eh? Xero has had the ability to auto populate a bill from a PDF receipt for a very long time.
You sales guys are like politicians always trying to score weak points, and making yourself sound worse in the process.

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By TidyCloud Accounting
03rd Jun 2024 21:54

They also include Hubdoc FOC with all business licences which whilst not as good as Dext/Auto-entry, I find it far better than the receipt capture offerings in Sage or QBO.

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