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Moving ITunes from one pc to another

Moving ITunes from one pc to another

I would like to move my ITunes from the old pc to the new pc.

I bought a piece of software to do this, it did not work. Reading the reviews of this software, I found out it was a con.

Apple has made it difficult to move my ITunes from one pc to another in an easy way. 

I would be grateful for suggestions how do I go about moving my Itunes to my new pc. Ideally a software that would make it very easy to do this.



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20th Dec 2011 08:18


Please see my PM.

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20th Dec 2011 10:43

Not so difficult

Had to do this myself recently, when computer took a funny turn..

On teh old Itunes library, change the music folder location to something like C:\Music (a location that will exist on both PCs) and consolidate your library so that all your music is moved there.

Just install Itunes on the new PC, then copy the contents of the itunes folder from one to the other (from and to the same folder location.

Then press shift when you open itunes, and you get the option to choose a different itunes library, browse to C:\Music and click ok.

Am doing this from memory, but i don't think I've left anything out



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20th Dec 2011 13:00

Large USB Key / SD Card

Hi FT,

Do you have a large USB key or SD card. If so, click on your computer start button and then "My Music", the folder that opens contains one called "iTunes". Copy the whole folder on your USB key / SD card.

Install iTunes on your new PC and simply copy the folder from the key / card to the same location (Start > My Music > iTunes).

If you have songs on the new PC already you can chose to keep them or delete them prior to copying the folder.

Hope this helps.


Leo | Accountant Websmiths

ps. this works with any storage device even external HD's

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20th Dec 2011 14:27

and do these handle playlists ...

or are they lost along the way ?

Of course anyone can copy files around but arguably playlists are equally necessary

@JazzySasha - why the secrecy - just post your solution

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20th Dec 2011 15:46


Yes, I believe so (they are stored in "iTunes Music Library.xml" which is found inside the copied iTunes folder).



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21st Dec 2011 08:16

Will try

Thanks for the response, I will try copying the files to new pc.

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By GaryMc
21st Dec 2011 09:23

Home Sharing?

If you have Wifi set up at home you could always try using the Home Sharing option?

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