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Moving Office

Notifying HMRC

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Does anyone know the current way of notifying HMRC of a change of address of a firm. We last moved over ten years ago and obviously the method must have changed. Thanks in advance

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By gainsborough
11th Jun 2021 13:48

I moved 2 years ago and wrote with change of address details: Central Agent Maintainer Team, National Insurance Contributions and Employer Office, HM Revenue & Customs
BX9 1AN.

I then got sent a form to complete (AM103). This worked for Corp Tax and Self-Assessment.

I gather the VAT process is a little more complex and there are previous threads on this.

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By SXGuy
11th Jun 2021 14:17

SA and Corp tax is as easy as logging in to your agent account and changing address. Paye and vat, good luck.

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By Andy556
14th Jun 2021 09:09

Good luck with the VAT, it's impossible

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By RichardWelbourne
22nd Jun 2021 10:10

Try and stay on good terms with the people moving into your premises. You'll be seeing them often.

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By kevinringer
22nd Jun 2021 13:00

We moved many years ago. SA/CT was a doddle. VAT/PAYE/CIS and tax credits were impossible. After several years of trying to get them updated, in the end we had to submit new 64-8s for everyone. Crazy waste of our time and HMRC time.

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By CatsandDogs
28th Jun 2021 17:03

It has taken us 2 years to get the details up to date with all of the separate departments as they all have different requirements - as previous posters say, some easy, some incredibly convoluted!

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