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Moving to the cloud. Can we control it ourselves?

We know that soon we need to move to a Cloud Accounting system. But we want to control it.

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At present we are a small group of companies, less than £10m turnover in total, operating three legacy systems whose only common feature is that they are SAGE products.

We are considering moving to the cloud. Our desire would be 

a) relatively seamless "controlled" access

b) but, retain ownership of the data.

c) Pay a fee for the server or blade, if that is what they are called, but we retain ownership and control the access to our data

Is this possible?

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By nrw
21st Jul 2017 11:40

Running in the 'cloud' includes:

1) Software as a service (eg. Xero). Infrastructure, software updates, third party integration etc. are all done for you. An easy life. Your data is still your data - and for peace of mind you may choose to back this up yourself elsewhere.

2) Infrastructure as a service (eg. Amazon Web Services). You purchase capacity on servers, and you are responsible for building/installing/maintaining software on those servers. You have more control, but you have a lot more work to do.

Judging from your question, you don't really want 2). Provided you choose a reputable service (eg. Xero / there are lots of others) then you may choose to release your concern over ownership (it's yours) and control of access to your data (it's yours). Alternatively you'll need your own technical team to maintain it.

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By D V Fields
21st Jul 2017 23:28

Why do you need to move to a cloud accounting system? Betamax was fashionable.
Your primary consideration should be: what is our accounting requirement and how is it best served.
Remote access to an accounting system does not mean a cloud based system. New cloud based systems often lack the functionality of more traditional based systems which now have "cloud accessibility" - so what is more important to you? Do you need purchase order processing, project costing, fund analysis?

Do you want to give your staff access to your system on your servers where the control is totally yours; or where access is to a system, out there somewhere, where you have absolute assurances that your data will never be compromised, your passwords will never be revealed or temporarily given to government departments so that they can access your data and that backups are regularly taken? Do you get to choose when the backups are taken? Minor downside?
Wait a few seconds while that transaction processes. Sorry you were saying? Hold on a minute that transaction is still on its doughnut of death. Hang on; have to reboot - lost connection. Are you still there?

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By Cheshire
22nd Jul 2017 08:55

''We know that soon we need to move to a Cloud Accounting''

Need to? Soon?

At all? Why?

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By andybailey
24th Jul 2017 21:13

Before you even start to look at the software you need to know what you want to achieve. Is it additional security? Replacing old infrastructure? Outgrowing your existing systems? Cloud software may be the answer, but make sure you have defined the question first.

In answer to the query you posted yes, yes & yes! There are hundreds of options out there, just make sure you're asking the right question.

Andy Bailey
CEO Octopus Blue
The Business Software Experts

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By Hugh Scantlebury
27th Jul 2017 11:49

Hello. Of course....well with Aqilla anyway!

a) relatively seamless "controlled" access - not relatively, absolutely.

Users can be configured with specific roles, permissions and workflows to manage their activity. The monthly subscription fee for each also depends on what they need to do. Someone processing purchase invoices and say timesheets and running reports etc. costs less than the someone tasked with the actual payment and reconciliation processes.

b) but, retain ownership of the data - That's a given with most 'designed for cloud' solutions.

The data always remains the property of the customer and you can take it away any time you like (including if you switch to a different solution).

c) Pay a fee for the server or blade, if that is what they are called, but we retain ownership and control the access to our data - Forget that. You don't need to pay for physical computing resource.

You just subscribe to the service - hence 'Software as a Service' or SaaS as it's sometimes known. No hardware, operating system, software or database updates to worry about. We take care of all of that.

All you need is a browser and an internet connection and you're away. Best of luck with the project.

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