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MS Excel Column Question

MS Excel Column Question

How do I unhide multiple columns in Excel 2010?

Ostensibly a simple question but the usual method(s) for dealing with several columns assume that you can see columns at each side of the those hidden.

I have about 50 sheets in a workbook and all of them have columns A through to AP hidden.

How do I unhide these in one operation per sheet?



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01st Jun 2012 13:22

Whole worksheet

Can you select the whole worksheet, and then use Format, Column, Unhide?

I only have Excel 2003 so the menus may be different.

EDIT: or put A:AP in the name box and just highlight those columns? 

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01st Jun 2012 13:37

Column width

I agree with ShirleyM but I've noticed a bug recently where you can't unhide hidden columns. Instead of hiding the columns it sets them to width 0.

To work around this you have to highlight the columns and change the width so they become visible. So if it doesn't seem to be working, try that.

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By DMGbus
01st Jun 2012 13:38

Select adjacent columns, right click, unhide

In Excel 2010 just done this...

Column D is hidden (ie. columns showing run A, B, C, E, F...)

Select columns C and E


Right click



and column D then appears


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01st Jun 2012 13:50

Ah yes, but how would you unhide column D if columns A,B and C were also hidden?


That's my question.

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01st Jun 2012 13:54

Sorted !

Thanks to ShirleyM


I've selected the whole sheet, right clicked any of the column headers and selected unhide.

Ta Da !


Many thanks.

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to Portia Nina Levin
01st Jun 2012 15:11

Yes.....but what if columns A to D are hidden and also M,N,O.........S,T,U.......but you only want to unhide A to D?

If you click the grey box between Column '1' and row 'A'.......does this box actually have a name????........then quite rightly it will 'Select all'.

BUT.......if you select (left click) the Column header 'E' then drag over to the grey 'nameless' cell : ), then you will be able to unhide only the 

columns you want to. This works in the traditional way but only works when you select E first.


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to Portia Nina Levin
01st Jun 2012 16:56

Great Tip

Thanks for that RikB;  What a great tip. 

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