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MTD 4 VAT help me


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I have 25 Vat registerd clients who keep manual records and employ a few people. My clients are getting HMRC letter 24 days before the start of MTD and I have no clue what to tell them to do . I doubt I will have time to even sign them up as they want me to explain how to use Xero or Sage in one phone call. If I mention spreadsheet they just say they cant understand what I am talking about. I am unable to take the manual records and then enter them all on a computer as it would costs too much and we have insufficent staff. Could any of you explain how you would tackle this ? I think the advice by ICAEW to take on a few juniors is futile and Quick books advertising saying you just take a picture and the Accounts are a doggle is simply misleading Taxpayers . Any constructive help please . 

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By cbp99
19th Feb 2019 13:48

How do you prepare accounts at present? Do they file their own Vat returns? How accurate are these - do they reconcile to final accounts?

EDIT - do they all have turnover over £85k?

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Replying to cbp99:
By nodrogbir
20th Feb 2019 16:59

we get decent books in and enter the summary onto IRIS - its that easy. Clients complete the books and file the VAT . All are the smallest entities . We have VAT visits and are told what good records are kept . Suppose the cowboys have caused this as usual .

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By Wanderer
19th Feb 2019 14:05

Okay first make a list.
Then exclude the ones who need not comply.
Then work out their VAT quarters and when they need to make their first MTD VAT return.
That breaks the task down and it makes it much more manageable.

Then decide on an individual client by client basis what system works for you & them.

Then work out an implementation plan.

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By mfbrown185
20th Feb 2019 16:24

Agree with Wanderer. Plus some of them (who are in MTD) will presumably be under £150,000 turnover and could be dealt with on a cash accounting basis. This would mean that bank statements could provide the majority (if not all) of their trade figures per quarter.

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By Matrix
20th Feb 2019 16:30

My firm does not have many opportunities to make money out of MTD since all our clients are on the cloud or VT. However you had a huge opportunity here and have missed it. Where have you been?

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