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more than 1 provider

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Sorry I havebeen very busy of late and also not verywell and so am not so up-to-date as usual.

So, my questions are 'can I as agent have two or more software providers at the same time for clients for VAT Return preparation and submissions?

Is bridging software currently a sticking plaster only or is it here for good.

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By vtsoftware
26th Jul 2019 14:10

Yes re first question. You can grant authority concurrently to any number of MTD applications.

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By Kaylee100
26th Jul 2019 18:27

Yes. You link the clients software to HMRC, so whichever solution is best for each.

Bridging will be. Its needed to get bespoke downloaded data into MTD friendly boxes, if nothing else.

We use it for about a quarter of cases.

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By Dazboj
02nd Aug 2019 14:48

HMRC’s email to developers last month said bridging software is going nowhere. It seems some companies are spreading rumours that it’s use is only temporary which isn’t true.

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