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Have I done it right

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I set up my ASA this afternoon.  After a couple of glitches it provided me with a new gateway number.  I followed the various stahes and  the next step was to copy my existing clients across, and I was expecting to see a list of clients so I could select which ones to copy across.. Instead it said you have xx no of clients for self assessment and VAT, do you want to copy them across to your new ASA.  There were no other options or an opportunity to select the ones I needed so I just said yes.  

I then logged into the new ASA and thought I must need to authorise each one in turn, nope that is for new clients apparently.

So do I just wait 72 hours now and hope that all my clients have been transferred (I dont have any under the threshold so that doesn't really matter) or have I missed a step?  


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By SXGuy
22nd Jul 2019 18:11

No. Sadly that's not all you do. You may have transfered clients over, but none of them have signed up to mtd yet.

I don't have the url to hand but search Google for signing up to mtd and run through the process for an agent to sign a client up.

You then add their vat number and post code as well as answer a few questions. After 72 hours they are then signed up. At that point you can link your asa account to mtd software and should see the returns needed to file on mtd.

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By Wanderer
22nd Jul 2019 18:18

Also make sure that you and/or your clients download a copy of their VAT certificate from the 'old system' BEFORE they sign up for MTD.

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By SXGuy
22nd Jul 2019 18:26

Yes! Forgot to say that. Or at the very least, vat no, postcode and date of registration.

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Replying to SXGuy:
By legerman
26th Jul 2019 23:24

SXGuy wrote:

Yes! Forgot to say that. Or at the very least, vat no, postcode and date of registration.

Thanks Guys. Yes, I had already downloaded the VAT certificates ready - at least I got that bit right!!

I knew there was a second part to it but it completely threw me when it said it was transferring my clients across. Sorry I've been away at a clients this week (doing a VAT return no less!!) so only got back to looking at this again.tonight. Successfully got them signed up and will now wait the 72 hours for the migration to take place.

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By Duggimon
23rd Jul 2019 10:04

You should do a bit more reading on it, there's plenty of info out there to help. There is no client list, the ASA is not a portal to be used like the old login, it's just credentials used to authorise your software.

All the information you used to get from the HMRC site is now acquired via your MTD software. Or no longer available, as the case may be.

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Replying to Duggimon:
Pete McDermott
By PeteMcD
07th Aug 2019 15:26

This may help others who are having trouble logging in to their ASA.
I had been using the same Browser Bookmark that I use for all my other HMRC web access but this takes you to a screen that doesn't work. After a useful (but 40 minute) phone call with HMRC I have established that the correct link is:-
Hope this helps

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