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MTD agent services account - check vat return date

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I have a client who requested a move from monthly to quarterly VAT returns, he has submitted his March VAT Return under Xero software, I need to check when HMRC has changed the frequency (ie do I have to do an April Return) but I cannot see anywhere that will tell me this under our new ASA for MTD and the old account just says "Your client has signed up for Making Tax Digital for VAT so you cannot submit their returns using VAT online services".

Any idea how I find out what should be a simple question - the HMRC phonelines are experiencing a higher volume of calls (thanks for waiting... one of our advisors will be with you as soon as possible), still no joy after 1 hour 17 minutes.

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By GHarr497688
24th Apr 2019 17:34

I’ve had the same and when you get through I never get a straight answer .

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By Matrix
24th Apr 2019 17:44

The tip of the iceberg.

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By johnhemming
24th Apr 2019 21:33

You can find this through software that allows you to run the obligations API.

If your main MTD supplier cannot do this you should get some bridging software that does this and switch the authorisation to that software to find out the answer. There are at least 11 companies offering free bridging software.

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By Duggimon
25th Apr 2019 09:30

You check it on your MTD filing software. If you can't see it on there then get new software because you've picked a rubbish one.

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By Dazboj
25th Apr 2019 15:35

If you have an Apple Mac or even an iPhone or iPad, this Bridging software will show you the open obligations without having to pay.

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