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when does the ASA work once set up with HMRC

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Help!! I set up our ASA two days ago but when we log in it does not show anything not even my agent id or government gateway identifier - do these take a while for HMRC to set up?  because I can't or don't have the button to link the link my vat clients to this new ASA.

Also, I  have a lot of clients who are using our quickbooks, and we complete their vat with their logins to HMRC - do I just need to on the new ASA authorise client??? (it won’t let me do this at the moment)

any advice would be welcomed (HMRC help line is useless)

many thanks


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By sarahtaylor2018
07th Mar 2019 16:30

UPDATE after phoning hmrc vat help line it became apparent that our ASA was not logged in correctly because we use Firefox so logged in via chrome and it was there. We did need to log in via a new way too, not via the usual way but in search "Agent Service Log in". He advised that clients that log in via their hmrc we need to ask via our original log in hmrc and request authorisation and then it will link them to our ASA. Hope this helps anyone else

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