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I found this paragraph in the MTD section of Agents update :

  1. • You must delegate authority to the MTD compatible software once you have signed the client up to MTD (this applies to both new and existing software).

What on earth is this suppose to mean. I use Sage50 Client Manager and I have ticked the box labelled MTD , also using the latest version of Sage.

I called up Sage but each time they tell me not to worry and that I can file however I am not convinced as they can tell you anything . What should I be seeing in SAGE ?




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13th Dec 2018 09:02

Typical software geek language.

They know what it means, They're surprised that not everyone does.

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13th Dec 2018 09:18

No idea but get rid of s*ge as its crap!

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to MissAccounting
13th Dec 2018 12:37

May I ask your recommendation ?

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13th Dec 2018 21:46

Hi there
The enable MTD submissions would be set on when you are activating the software for MTD returns. Are you participating in the beta? If so, you would activate the software for MTD submission. when it comes to filing your MTD submission you will follow a wizard. As part of this, you will be prompted to enter your credentials
If you are filing as an agent, the credentials will be your Agent Services Account credentials.
If you would like more information please message me for follow up
Kind regards

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