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MTD Corporation Tax feedback

MTD corporation Tax "not before 2026" does not mean "2026"

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From the developers call it would be surprising if MTD corporation tax happened before 2027, but it won't happen before 2026. (it probably won't happen in 2026).

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
23rd Sep 2021 15:27

it wont happen full stop

it makes even less sense than for SA.

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By Paul Crowley
23rd Sep 2021 15:37

Resistance to this will be by HM Gov's best friends
Not just oiks like me

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By Hugo Fair
23rd Sep 2021 16:48

Once the implementation of a potentially unpopular policy has been 'soft scheduled' not just until the next general election but until the run-in to the one after that ... it is effectively running on empty.
It *may* be given the kiss of life over the intervening period or it may not - but it should be regarded as on life-support, with the odds on switching that off no better (or worse) than 50:50.

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Replying to Hugo Fair:
By johnhemming
23rd Sep 2021 16:56

I don't think this is driven by electoral considerations. The timescales for that to happen would be much shorter. I think it is basically that they have not even put it into Sandbox yet. How much is designed and/or written I don't know.

Nothing appears from a search on github so probably nothing has been written yet:

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By Calculatorboy
23rd Sep 2021 21:28

Hmrc are out of control and subject to hallucinations

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