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MTD Direct Debit

Direct Debit not moved over to MTD

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Not so much a question, just a warning/moan. I just filed the first MTD VAT return for a client. The payment indicator on my software didnt have the usual DD against it. So I called the VAT office, who said there was no record of the direct debit, I had a bit of a moan and asked them to double check, she went away and assured me definitely no DD set up. So I told the client he had to pay the £12K direct, but he looked it up at his bank and it is indeed set up to come out on 10th. So he nearly paid £12K twice, which would have caused very big problems for him.

And furthermore I'm still trying to get a VAT refund for a different client for the last 6 months. I must have spoken to the VAT office 5 times and they have all been unsure how to get a refund under MTD but said they will send an email. Still nothing. They don't appear to have considered VAT repayments when they set up MTD. So the aforementioned client would have been out of pocket by £12K indefinitely. 



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By lionofludesch
06th Jan 2020 13:47

Well, I'm amazed.

HMRC said only last month that MTD was going very smoothly.

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By kenny achampong
06th Jan 2020 17:08

To answer my own moan and for any future reference. Apparently, if he had paid twice, he could have cancelled the direct debit within 7 days and got it refunded by the bank.

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By FayeBK
09th Jan 2020 10:54

I would like to echo your moaning and say that I also had a dreadful time with direct debits and switching clients to MTD. I would say that probably around 40% of them had their Direct Debit cancelled with no notice or reason. Even some who received an email near the deadline to say "£xx will be collected by Direct Debit on dd/mm/yy", and then no funds were taken.
Very frustrating.

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