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MTD excel add in

Also other software which requires upgrading

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I am a little late in looking at MTD so apologies, however I would be interested in knowing your thoughts on the following:

Client A currently used old school cash book, if he doesn’t want to outsource book-keeping, I guess best option for him is to consider the excel add ins which I believe can facilitate a digital submission to HMRC, who are the providers in this respect and has anyone got any feedback on these?

Client B uses a different type of software/crm system which suits their business but doesn’t provide the correct link to HMRC unless they undertake an expensive software upgrade, are these types of clients more suited to extract the info to excel and use the add in referred to above?

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By DuncH
18th Dec 2018 22:00

See post re free vital tax, I personally use an excel spreadsheet and submitted my last vat return using the bridging software by vital tax. I refuse to pay for book keeping software when a simple excel spreadsheet is all you need.

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By Duggimon
19th Dec 2018 09:01

I've been hearing great things about Vital Tax, all the brand new members around here seem to love it.

IRIS, Taxcalc, Absolute and Avalara all have bridging software to go from an Excel sheet to MTD filing, your best option will depend on what you already use, how many clients you're looking at filing for and how strongly you object to being marketed at under the guise of supposedly unsolicited forums posts.

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By johnhemming
19th Dec 2018 16:01

Technically there are two potential routes that you can use for bridging. One is to have some software written as part of Excel that uses a token from your supplier to submit data to HMRC.

The other is to transfer data from Excel to a server run by your supplier which then puts that data with the token and sends to to HMRC.

Beyond that all of the systems submit the same 9 boxes of data to HMRC and all have to handle the authorisation token. A lot of the bridging systems are currently free (including the one I am providing). It is, therefore, possible if you have more than one submission to do, to try out different suppliers to see which you prefer.

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