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MTD - falling between MTD and old system

Sharing info from client who fell between MTD and old system, in case it helps anyone else

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You couldn't make this up....

E-mail from HMRC "Higher Officer":

"Thanks for your email; sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties with submitting your 07/19 VAT return. I believe that this problem is related to your recent migration to Making Tax Digital (MTD).

Upon investigation, it would appear that you have been migrated to MTD from 29/08/19 with a tax obligation start date of 01/08/19, therefore you are unable to submit the 07/19 obligation covering the period 01/05/19 – 31/07/2019 using either the earlier or new submission methods.

To assist you with your enquiry, please can you contact the VAT helpline on the following telephone number: 0300 200 3700  and ask to be put through to the Making Tax Digital support team and explain the above situation. It is my understanding that to resolve the problem, the tax obligation start date of 01/08/2019 needs to be altered to 01/05/2019 – the new system would then accept the 07/19 VAT return. Unfortunately I am unable to make these changes for you as I do not have access to the appropriate systems and it is required to be completed through the official channels."

Fantastic - so not within either old or new system!!

The solution (after much chasing) was for HMRC to send out a paper VAT Return for completion!

Problem solved by ignoring the digital pathway altogether.  Can't wait to complete more paper VAT Returns... 

Anyone else having similar issues?