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MTD for old Mac system

Any suggestions as to what to try?

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My client has an old Mac (2011) with an operating system that is too old to run Mohave, and has not found a MTD product that will allow for his system.

He uses spreadsheets, and really doesn't want to change to a cloud system. And the business is not hugely profitable, it's a rock band, so a partnership, hence exceeding the VAT threshold

Has anyone any ideas, he's in his 70s and doesn't want to buy an new computer or learn new skills, but the MTD age exemption doesn't look as though it will exempt him... says
"HMRC will not give you an exemption purely on the basis that reasonable effort, time and cost may be involved in making the transition to Making Tax Digital, for example choosing and buying any new hardware or software or learning to use them. HMRC will however take effort, time and cost into account in its overall assessment of whether it is practical for you to follow the rules for Making Tax Digital."


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20th May 2019 10:39

Any of the cloud systems.

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20th May 2019 10:49

The obvious solution would be to look at one of the online systems, such as Xero, although there are plenty of others. I can't see that he can get away without learning some new skills.

You don't say what he is using at the moment, but if it can produce a spreadsheet with the VAT figures then you can use bridging software to file the returns. If's he's using spreadsheets, again bridging software is a cheap solution

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20th May 2019 11:44

I have done loads of MTD vat returns from apple kit.

He might like a cloud cashbook.

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20th May 2019 13:29

Is his business very profitable? (i.e could it easily absorb any costs?).

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20th May 2019 13:32

Thanks all, I've updated the question to say he uses spreadsheets, and really doesn't want to change to a cloud system. And the business in not hugely profitable, it's a rock band, so a partnership, hence exceeding the VAT threshold

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to RG
20th May 2019 13:49

I used to be a heavy metal drummer if that helps, but I now play jazz keyboards (I am a member of the musicians union). On the other hand during the day I write MTD software.

This is a video of my band playing summertime

I have lots of videos about MTD as well.

This is a website about MTD

Which does do MAC.

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By Dazboj
20th May 2019 13:34

Our MacOS Bridging App that is on the Mac App Store was ported back to OSX 10.12 at the request of a user with an old Mac.
Do you know what version OSX/MacOS his Mac is running?

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20th May 2019 13:40

If he uses spreadsheets, are they Excel or the Mac version (numbers?). If its Excel, contact Forbes computers and ask if their Bridging product works with his Mac operating system/spreadsheet version. Its not free but its quite cheap.

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20th May 2019 14:22

@RG, I would give an exemption a punt based on (a) Age (b) hardware issues in combination.

Ie two factors and not purely hardware.

At a minimum it buys you a couple of quarters while HMRC reject you application. Obviously send it in as late as possible!

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23rd May 2019 10:44

I know you have said the client isn't keen on cloud, but something like the Clearbooks Micro solution may work. Yes it is cloud based, but it will look and feel very similar to Excel, and at £5 per month it isn't hugely expensive.

The other option would be for him to send you his spreadsheets, you convert them into a newer version and submit the returns on his behalf and pay for the pleasure.

It is his stubbornness that is the issue, no the old software. The rules apply to all.

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11th Jun 2019 14:21

Just a thought. Nowadays you can use most smart phone to run any cloud accounting software like Freeagent, QB online or Xero. He does not need to buy a new computer.

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