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MTD for old Mac system

Any suggestions as to what to try?

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My client has an old Mac (2011) with an operating system that is too old to run Mohave, and has not found a MTD product that will allow for his system.

He uses spreadsheets, and really doesn't want to change to a cloud system. And the business is not hugely profitable, it's a rock band, so a partnership, hence exceeding the VAT threshold

Has anyone any ideas, he's in his 70s and doesn't want to buy an new computer or learn new skills, but the MTD age exemption doesn't look as though it will exempt him... says
"HMRC will not give you an exemption purely on the basis that reasonable effort, time and cost may be involved in making the transition to Making Tax Digital, for example choosing and buying any new hardware or software or learning to use them. HMRC will however take effort, time and cost into account in its overall assessment of whether it is practical for you to follow the rules for Making Tax Digital."