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MTD for VAT - how long is it taking software companies to become compliant?

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Re MTD for VAT. I am aware of at least one major software company that hasn't even started to work on the change of code needed to comply with MTD for VAT. My question is how long does it typically take for a software house to become compliant? I think my client should be a little bit worried.

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By Karina.Harley
08th Aug 2018 12:18

Hi Colin,

Karina from Clear Books here. From the day we wrote the first line of code to being 'MTD ready' took 3 months.

I'd say this is fairly quick because we have experience connecting to HMRC. It will be slower for companies who have no existing connection.

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Replying to Karina.Harley:
By Paul Scholes
09th Aug 2018 10:11

Hi Karina - can you give us a list of the cloud accounting apps that don't have experience of connecting to HMRC?

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By Paul Scholes
09th Aug 2018 10:13

Hi Colin - as has been the case over many years all accounting apps will be compliant in time or they go out of business.

Here's a list of the current compliant ones, which is updated regularly:

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By lionofludesch
09th Aug 2018 10:19

Plenty of time.


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